Streamline the budgeting process with controlled collaboration.

Whether your budget is planned centrally or in collaboration with site-level administrators, K-12 budgeting is a complex and often convoluted process.

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Connect strategies with budgets

Allovue Budget Suite makes it easy to link budgeted expenses with goals for school resource planning that are grounded in your district’s strategic pillars.

Make finance-informed position plans

Allovue Budget Suite connects accounting and staffing data in one place. Fund your staff roster, split-fund positions, and create supplement pays. Budget based on average or actual salaries.

Guide budget development for principals

Help your budget managers plan only the dollars that matter to them. Flexibly lock allocations so funds can be visible, but not planned against or changed.

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Tie dollars directly to your strategic plan.

We believe budgets should be living documents that directly reflect the priorities of a school district. By tying dollars directly to district-wide priorities and site-level strategies, budgeting with Allovue easily demonstrates that your stated goals are reflected in your fiscal planning.

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If and when new initiatives are announced mid-year, you can start tracking and reporting on them immediately with transaction tags—allowing you to group expenses across multiple account strings with a single click.

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Empower budget managers with easy-to-use tools.

While Central Office staff may be able to easily navigate an ERP system, for those budget managers without a financial background, it can be difficult and intimidating. Allovue’s systems are searchable both by account code and in plain English, making it simple to find accounts and track spending.

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Building a budget is complicated—involving site-level administrators who work directly with students can provide critical context to guide decision-making. With the ability to carefully control account string information (or even limit some funds to view-only access), budget managers can see and understand the resources available to them, whether or not they directly plan how to spend them.

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Bring HR and finance data together.

People represent the largest investment of almost any district budget, but HR and Finance offices are often working in siloed systems. By bringing HR and Finance together, whether you plan by position or employee, districts are afforded clean data and the opportunity to collaborate more effectively.

With built-in reports, Allovue Budget Suite can help catch errors before they happen. Easily identify over-assigned and displaced employees, evaluate fill rates, and make sure your staffing plan remains on track throughout the budgeting process.

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Allovue Allocate

Create easy-to-update resource allocation formulas that direct dollars to schools. 

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Allovue Budget Suite

Plan district and school budgets together in a collaborative online environment.

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Allovue Manage

View, track, and monitor actual spending on-demand (no spreadsheets required). 

The easiest way to strategically manage
your district's money.