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A budget puts your district's priorities on full display.

Budgeting is often disconnected from strategic planning. Allovue Budget Suite brings these processes together for a spending plan that’s collaboratively built and strategically sound.

View of budget with planned subtotals by segment and budget progress
The power of working together

It’s hard to work as a team from an inbox or file server—files get lost, versions get crossed. With Allovue Budget Suite, everyone can work on a budget at the same time. From the finance office to principals and department heads, all budget owners see the right information when they need it.

COA, meet strategic plan

You’ve always known that how your district plans its spending is a reflection of its priorities. Now, it’s time to make things official. Allovue Budget Suite helps you stitch together budgeted expenses and goals for school resource planning that are grounded in your district’s strategic pillars.

Finance and HR data in one place

Since personnel accounts for the majority of a budget, errors here can have devastating effects on your district’s finances. Unlike other systems, Allovue Budget Suite connects accounting and staffing data in one place to get a picture of the hiring outlook at the district earlier in the year. 

Breaking out of the subledger

Budgeting for 80145-F-00035135 is abstract when you don’t speak in account codes. Allovue Budget Suite keeps granular data for the finance team, but translates account strings into real words like “General Purpose” and “Discretionary” so that budget owners can plan dollars in human terms. 

View of budget with priorities and strategies

“College and career readiness is our biggest initiative this year, but it only has 5% of our budget’s resources aligned to it.”

Red flag! There’s a misalignment with how the budget owner is thinking about resourcing this priority. Do you have this insight?

Drawing connections within a budget between priorities like community engagement and school strategies like parental involvement is game-changing. It saves time and helps your district analyze resource distribution in order to find and correct where funds are misaligned.

The data your district needs to strategically manage its budget live in many places.

Position data are confined to a payroll system, account strings are logged in your ERP, and strategies are scattered across Central Office planning documents and school improvement plans. When time is scarce (and when isn’t it?), the difficult work of budgeting intentionally toward big goals falls off the radar.

Allovue Budget Suite brings Academic, Personnel, and Finance teams together in budgets that are easier to build, more efficient to manage and closely tied to strategic aims like resource equity.

View of budget HR positions plan
Eliminate tedious rework

Need to change a benefits package that flows through every school budget? Make that change just once in Allovue Budget Suite and the update will happen anywhere the position appears across all budgets.

Spend less time in meetings

Turn meetings into time spent doing more valuable work when collaboration happens in Allovue Budget Suite. One Allovue Budget Suite district saved 138 hours of time by eliminating a series of now-unnecessary staff meetings. 

Ask meaningful questions

Move from asking, “What is my Title I budget? How can I see how much I’ve spent?” to questions like, “What if I reallocated some of my sub funding to a literacy specialist?”

Uncover costly errors

Spreadsheets are pros at burying budget discrepancies and miscalculations. One Allovue Budget Suite district discovered a $17M budget discrepancy within the first few weeks of budgeting with Allovue Budget Suite. 

Headshot of Leigh Ann Putnam
Leigh Ann Putnam
Executive Director
Metropolitan Regional Educational Service Agency (MRESA)

“Allovue provides district and school leaders with the knowledge, tools, and support needed to plan for and implement a budget that can be easily shared with stakeholders.”

Headshot of David Fleig
David Fleig
Former Chief Financial Officer
Hartford Public Schools

“This year, we’ve accelerated our timeline by at least 75 days. Next year, we are already planning on condensing the process by another 30 days or more.”

District Budgeting That’s Accessible & Intuitive

Allovue Budget Suite makes it easier to collaboratively develop staffing and spending plans aligned to district goals. All of the work of budgeting—across Central Office, school sites, and departments—happens in one place and in real-time (no spreadsheets required).

Easily find the right information
  • Set per-user permissions on a per-budget basis
  • Sort and filter to answer your questions like, “Which positions in my staff roster are unfunded?”
  • Take your budget to new places or reconcile and pivot with easy file exports
  • Add supporting documentation to each budget for reference by builders and approvers
Build flexible budgets in the cloud
  • Connect expenses to priorities and strategies
  • Create allocations and see the amount allocated, planned, and remaining at each budget
  • Lock allocations so funds can be visible, but not planned against or changed
  • Create personnel and non-personnel expenses by allocation at each budget
  • Fund your staff roster, split-fund positions, and create supplement pays
  • Budget based on average salaries per position or actual salaries per staff assigned to the position
Make changes (again and again)
  • Edit non-personnel expenses and positions alike
  • Add employees or funding to existing positions and change a position from vacant to filled
  • Make bulk adjustments that instantly update everywhere without a bunch of extra work
  • View the change log for all expenses to understand who made what changes and when
Streamline the budgeting workflow
  • Monitor a budget progression through high-level progress stages
  • Share feedback and re-submit budgets for approval as often as needed
  • Rollover or start fresh with a zero-based budget (or carry over just your staff)

Connect planning budgets in Allovue Budget Suite with actual spending in Allovue Manage.

Allovue Budget Suite streamlines budget planning and financial management for everyone. It’s all about ensuring your entire district is budgeting with fidelity at the start of the year and spending with fidelity against those plans throughout the year.

View of elementary school accounts and spending data

Make budgeting less intimidating
and more collaborative.