Supercharge your district’s ERP with Allovue.

Districts of all sizes add Allovue to their ERP to use every dollar with intention and bank more of their staff's most valuable resource: time.

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Designed for K-12 finance

ERPs often stop short of helping districts manage the quirks that make K-12 finance unique. Allovue integrates with your ERP to fill in the gaps with tools for dynamic funding formula design, robust and collaborative budgeting, and spending management that everyone can use. 

Powerful (not overpowering) for administrators

Most people who manage money in K-12 don’t have finance backgrounds. Allovue makes their jobs easier by eliminating the need for Excel or direct ERP access, translating account codes into natural language, and embedding programmatic goals and school improvement plans right into the budgeting process.  

Flexible enough to adapt to change

Adding ERP customizations is expensive, timely, and sometimes downright impossible. Allovue works in tandem with your ERP and has the flexibility to adapt to new requirements like marking expenses as “pandemic-related” and budgeting stimulus dollars from ESSER.  

Backed by real people who know school finance

As your team changes, financial needs evolve or you hit a speed bump—we’re here! Our Customer Success team is made of people who are passionate about K-12 finance with the heart and know-how to help you strategize and troubleshoot. When was the last time your ERP did that? 

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Working with your ERP has never been easier.

ERPs are the backbone of the K-12 finance ecosystem, but managing ERP data is cumbersome and drawing insights is a headache (at best). For staff outside of the Budget Office, the ERP can get in the way of easily planning and managing spending.

For finance-forward districts around the country, Allovue makes managing resources dynamic, accessible, and collaborative. By enhancing the depth and reach of your ERP data, Allovue helps districts spot manual errors and overspending, identify unspent funds, map spending to goals, and much more.

How It Works

Allovue shares information with your ERP to make financial management easier in your district. When a data connection is needed, we’ll take the lead in working with your ERP to integrate Allovue.

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ERP Integrations

Allovue works with any ERP to support the complex needs of K-12 finance. We’re up and running with the ERPs below and more. 
Don’t see yours? Contact us.

  • Alio
  • Aptafund
  • AS400
  • Escape
  • Everest
  • Galaxy
  • Harris Solution
  • Infinite Visions/School ERP Pro
  • Intacct
  • Lawson/Infor
  • LINQ
  • Munis
  • nVision
  • OpenRDA
  • Oracle JDE
  • Oracle R12
  • Peoplesoft
  • PowerSchool eBusinessPlus
  • PowerSchool eFinancePlus
  • QCC
  • SAP
  • Skyward
  • Systems 3000
  • WinCap
Arrow icon to present funding allocations

Allovue Allocate

Create easy-to-update resource allocation formulas that direct dollars to schools. 

Square icon to represent budgeting

Allovue Budget Suite

Plan district and school budgets together in a collaborative online environment.

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Allovue Manage

View, track, and monitor actual spending on-demand (no spreadsheets required). 

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