Empower principals to manage their spending and encumbrances.

As most finance officers know, budget season is not limited to the rush of finalizing a new budget.

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Make finance less intimidating

Because Allovue Manage "talks to" your ERP each night, budget owners can always interact with up-to-date information—without fear of “breaking” a spreadsheet or overwriting data.

Build financial management habits

Have the latest transactions from your accounting system available every morning. Search and track purchases by vendor, description, date, or other transaction details.

Shift from reactive to proactive

Allovue Manage provides an easy way to filter and analyze spending and correlate dollars with outcomes. Timely information means you can react to problems while it still matters.

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Turn gifted educators into engaged budget managers.

By facilitating real-time collaboration between Central Office and site-level administrators, Allovue Budget Suite can save valuable time in a complicated process. One Allovue partner reported saving 138 hours after implementing, as they were able to eliminate an hour-long weekly meeting with budget managers.

Speed up your next budget process with Allovue Budget Suite>

When budget managers use Allovue Manage, they can easily view and track their own spending, eliminating the need for constant calls to Central Office to inquire about account balances or unspent funds. Not only that, budget managers can lean on live chat support and resource library to answer questions.

Save everyone time with Allovue Manage>

Access historical data and account details with a single click.

Reviewing trends is key to making data-driven decisions. With Allovue, districts can populate up to 5 years of historical data for a side-by-side analysis of an account's budgeted and actual dollars, providing invaluable context for evaluating spending.

When a site-level administrator's only exposure to finance is during budget development, it can feel like they need to be retaught every year. Allovue Manage helps bridge this gap by translating lengthy account strings into plain English explanations—decoding account codes and fostering engagement with the strategic process.

Empower your administrators with Allovue Manage>
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Easily create and return to dynamically-updated reports.

Whether it’s a monthly board deck or federal funds that require constant monitoring—building reports is time-consuming. With Manage, administrators can build reports once and return to a dynamically-updated report in a single click—filter by date, percent spent, or encumbered and more. 

Central Office administrators can also create district-wide reports that all budget managers can monitor, share links to reports, and set up reminders to check in on particular accounts. Streamline conversations by working with the same systems and data—monitoring important funds with ease.

Save time and energy with Allovue Manage >
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Allovue Allocate

Create easy-to-update resource allocation formulas that direct dollars to schools. 

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Allovue Budget Suite

Plan district and school budgets together in a collaborative online environment.

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Allovue Manage

View, track, and monitor actual spending on-demand (no spreadsheets required). 

Never leave grant money on the table
or overdraw your accounts again.