Your priorities are our priorities—we’re here every step of the way.

Our streamlined set-up and onboarding means you’ll hit the ground running with your new allocation rule wizard, streamlined budgeting workflow, and informative transactions dashboards.

Your Allovue Guide leading you on the implementation journey

Implementation: What To Expect

Allovue was designed to ensure that accurate, timely data is available to our customers faster and with less frustration than past technology integrations they’ve experienced. Our implementation team will work alongside your district to configure Allovue for your district’s needs and support your staff.

  • The introductory meetings bring together key district staff to discuss implementation timeline and steps, schedule meetings, and align the overall approach to your district’s goals. Our focus on change management and proactive support begins from the get-go.
Data & Quality Assurance
For Allovue Allocate
  • Allovue validates your formula and ensures that it accurately reflects your district’s resource allocation model. (No more formula errors in spreadsheets!)
For Allovue Budget Suite
  • Budget design sessions provide guidance on how to structure allocations, positions, and expenses in a way that supports your unique budget configuration.
For Allovue Manage
  • We’ll configure Allovue Manage to your chart of accounts, establish a data connection with your ERP, import data from the general ledger and transaction journal, and conduct quality tests.
  • When it comes to training, we know that two statements ring true: seeing is believing and it’s best to learn by doing. We facilitate interactive sessions to ensure that everyone receives hands-on training and gets excited about using PowerSchool Allovue to make their jobs easier.
Ongoing Support
  • After implementation is complete, your district will continue to receive long-term support from the PowerSchool Allovue team through check-in meetings and access to live support and tutorials.
Map with flags representing implementation milestones and destination

A personalized onboarding plan designed to help you succeed with PowerSchool Allovue.

The dedicated Customer Success team at PowerSchool Allovue will design an implementation approach for you based on your highest priority goals, the size and complexity of your district, the products you purchased, and your district’s current ERP.

When you complete your implementation, you’ll be confident using PowerSchool Allovue to reach your district’s goals.

As a partner, PowerSchool Allovue provides a pathway to fiscal equity for your district and financial empowerment for your administrators. We’re here to partner with you to help you reach your goals:


Chart of Accounts Services
We can help you adjust or rewrite your Chart of Accounts so that you can meet compliance and reporting requirements while also serving the research and performance analysis needs of your district.
Strategic Consulting
We can help you achieve your goals with support for process improvement, budget formulation or analysis, program analysis, development of funding formulas, or other strategic finance efforts.
Continuing Education
We’re committed to translating the complexities of education finance into easy-to-digest material for districts and communities—get connected with free, on-demand resources in the Alloversity.

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