Rewrite the rules for how dollars reach students.

A district’s responsibility to their students and communities is not limited to spending dollars effectively or efficiently—they must also be spent equitably.

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Compare "what if" scenarios

With Allovue, districts can compare alternative “what if?” scenarios (with different enrollments or class size ratios, for example) and understand the effect on the way dollars flow to schools.

Steer funding to student groups

Whether your allocation model is driven by staff assignments or student groups, you can distribute resources equitably with careful consideration for how student needs are embedded into the formula with Allovue.

Explain school-level funding

With funding formula calculation breakdowns and easy-to-read summaries, Allovue’s turnkey reports help your district and wider community make sense of why schools get different levels of funding. 

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Model and compare different funding formulas in seconds.

Whether you distribute dollars using a staffing model, student-based budgeting, or anything in between—modeling even minor changes can mean days of work. One partner reported that Allocate took their funding model prep from 3 weeks to 3 hours.

If student populations or enrollments are in flux, being able to quickly model the differences between scenarios is key to making data-driven decisions. With the ability to create an infinite number of enrollment projections and models for side-by-side comparison, Allocate makes distilling and communicating the nuance of different paths forward a breeze.

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Make sure the right resources are reaching your students.

Every student is different and requires different resources to educate—this process starts at the district-level when dollars are allocated to schools. Allocate allows districts to make student-based, data-driven decisions on how dollars should flow.

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After allocations are made and budget planning begins, communicating how principals and budget managers plan to utilize dollars to increase student outcomes is critical. With a budgeting tool that can support either “bucket” budgeting or line item granularity, dollars can be stewarded clearly and effectively.

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Turn data insights into actionable changes.

The journey toward resource equity is just as much about identifying what’s working as it is about identifying what’s not working. When a particular school or program performs well, digging into the data can illuminate initiatives that should be recreated elsewhere in the district.

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Whether you are considering lowering class sizes, closing or opening a school, or staffing a new program or initiative, calculating the cost is often an arduous process and can stall strategic conversations at key moments. With the ability to model changes instantly, questions about cost can be answered as they arise—keeping strategic work on track.

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Create easy-to-update resource allocation formulas that direct dollars to schools. 

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Plan district and school budgets together in a collaborative online environment.

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View, track, and monitor actual spending on-demand (no spreadsheets required). 

The easiest way to strategically manage
your district's money.