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The hardest part of managing a budget is putting it into action.

While the pressure is on during budget season, the spending that happens everyday is what brings a district closer to its goals. Allovue Manage makes budgeting a continuous process where everyone can monitor spending.

Track your progress and compare spending to previous years.
Track spending, not spreadsheets

The time spent by administrators chasing spreadsheets leaves little room for meaningful analysis. With the ability to bookmark certain groups of accounts, summarize transactions, and set reminders, Allovue Manage makes it easy for budget owners to stay engaged in financial management throughout the year. 

Make sense of every dollar

Drafting and finalizing budgets is always a dash to the finish line, but monitoring spending and account balances throughout the year is just as important. Allovue Manage makes this work more accessible because data is searchable in plain English and clear visuals help monitor spending, encumbrances, and fund balances. 

Take your ERP to new heights

Only a handful of people have direct access to up-to-date spending information from a district’s ERP. Because Allovue Manage fetches information from your ERP each night, budget owners can always interact with up-to-date information—without fear of “breaking” a spreadsheet or overwriting data.

Return time to central office

Budget owners like principals ask a lot of questions: ”Am I over budget? Am I on track? Am I spending money the way that I planned?” Allovue Manage takes the burden of fielding these questions off of the Central Office by creating access to budget and spending information that’s transparent and self-service. 

View of rate of spending compared to previous years

Principals and school-level staff belong in the budget conversation.

It’s very hard to include administrators in the budget management process when they cannot easily monitor resource use over the year.

Accountability for budgets and spending erodes when the information is hard to understand or frustrating to access.

Spending management ensures that budgets are implemented as planned.

Responsible resource management is about having a plan, putting it into action, and evaluating whether those spending choices were the right ones. This last piece—monitoring resource use throughout the year—makes the whole concept of budgeting a process of continuous improvement.

Allovue Manage helps budget owners manage their budgets with accuracy in a user-friendly format. It provides an easy way to filter and analyze spending and correlate dollars with outcomes.

View of elementary school Title I spending as donut chart
Make budget Q&A self-service

Most districts are well acquainted with the back-and-forth sharing of account codes and numbers. With Allovue Manage, budget information is displayed in clear visuals, stored in the cloud, and always accessible.

Identify unspent funds

Encouraging accountability for spending can have surprising outcomes. One Allovue Manage district located $2M in unspent Title I funds and repurposed those dollars to extend the summer school program. 

Eliminate transaction errors

Errors buried in your ERP leave valuable dollars on the table. One Allovue Manage district found a duplicate entry for transportation and used the $200,000 to fund another department’s request. 

Decentralize budgeting

School-level empowerment allows leaders to be more effective in delivering programs to support the needs of students. One district improved collaboration with principals across 74 schools with Allovue Manage. 

Budget Management That’s Less Intimidating

Allovue Manage helps budget owners put the budget plan into action and evaluate spending decisions throughout the year. Keeping everyone informed keeps spending on track.

Timely information at your fingertips means your district can react to problems while it still matters and changes can still be made proactively, rather than after the budget year has ended.

Connect to your existing ERP
  • Work with Allovue to establish a secure data connection to your ERP
  • Receive updated transactions data from your ERP every night
Stay up-to-date with spending
  • Filter overviews to display relevant budgets
  • Monitor total budget spent, encumbered, and remaining with summary charts and graphs
  • See how much was budgeted and what is spent, encumbered, and remaining for each account
  • See your transactions for each account including date, PO, account string and natural language translation, vendor, and description
Manage accounts and transactions
  • Sort, filter, and search accounts and transactions
  • Group and summarize accounts and transactions
  • Create personal bookmarks to save your preferred accounts and transactions displays
  • Apply labels to transactions to help categorize and filter information
Share transparent spending information
  • Set custom email reminders for personal or district-wide bookmarks
  • Share a link to a filtered and summarized view of account or transaction data
  • Export account and transaction information to CSV or XLSX
  • Use easy report customizations for state and local reporting requirements
  • Be on-the-go with the mobile-friendly display of spending information

Learn how Allovue Manage makes magic happen with your ERP.

Allovue Manage connects to your ERP to bring principals and school-level staff into the budget conversation. By transforming dense accounting data into highlights and trends, Allovue Manage ensures that budgets are successfully implemented through actual spending, purchasing, and procurement of resources. 

View of school spending by accounts with donut charts

Make financial management an everyday affair.