Supporting states with school finance transparency and compliance.

In addition to ESSA regulations, the COVID emergency and resulting stimulus packages have highlighted the need for sustainable financial transparency.

Asset 56transparency

Effortless reporting and compliance

Ensure compliance with ESSA school-level spending regulatory requirements and make public reporting of ESSER stimulus dollars quick and easy for local, state and federal reporting.

Finance data transparency

Increase public trust by sharing school and district budgets and spending data that are accessible and simple to understand for parents, community members, and legislators.

Funding formula modeling

Build and run multiple resource allocation scenarios based on projected enrollments and student demographics to equitably develop, evaluate, and share your state funding formula.


Education stakeholders at every level—legislators, educators, tax payers, and more—should be able to quickly and easily access and understand school funding and spending data. 

Stakeholders: Legislators, educators, business leaders, tax payers, and parents.
Piechart and graphs showing the breakdown of funds by monetary amount.

What fund sources or grants make up this school or district budget?

In order to better understand school-level budgets and spending, it's important to unpack the make-up of revenue. Some grant funds are targeted state or federal grants intended to address supplemental needs of special populations like Special Education students and English language learners. It's critical to:

  • Make sure these funds are reaching the intended students
  • Understand which dollars have tight spending restrictions
  • See where ESSER dollars fit relative to the rest of the budget

Learn how Allovue will work in partnership with the Arizona Department of Administration to develop a transparent and easily accessible public portal that includes school-level data for charter schools, individual schools operated by a school district, and school districts.



How much of ESSER dollars have been spent, budgeted, or remain for future use?

ESSER dollars are rare in that LEAs will receive the full amount in a lump sum, but have 3-4 years to budget and spend them. This is an opportunity for LEAs to get creative, but also a challenge to spend at the right place. 

Sankey chart showing the flow of ESSER dollars.
Scatter Graph with detailed comparison between two schools.

How does my school's funding compare to other schools? 

Comparing funding and spending across schools and districts helps parents understand the whole picture about how local school systems allocate resources. 

Allovue partners with states to
ensure that every dollar works for every student.