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Join us at Allovue! We're currently hiring for roles on our Product and Customer Success teams. Learn more about the roles and life at Allovue.

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We believe great culture begins with great people. When you join Allovue, you can be sure that the colleagues you work with are just as enthusiastic, collaborative, and committed to excellence as you are.

Our company prioritizes diversity, equity, inclusion, and anti-racism and strives to create an environment that is true to the inclusive workplace we want.

Jason and Jess

We’re fully remote and flexible.

Our team is 100% remote. We are friendly to both early birds and night owls and genuinely care much more about the quality of the work you do than the time of day you do it. We have “core hours” on Monday-Thursday from 1pm-4pm ET when we ask that people plan to be available for team meetings and collaboration—the rest is up to you.

We understand that you have a big life outside of work, so we encourage you to take the time you need for wellness appointments, school field trips, therapy, exercise, and whatever else you need to be a happy, healthy person.

Current Openings

Senior Software Developer


Allovue believes every student deserves access to the resources they need to be successful in school. Our education resource planning software empowers K–12 administrators at every level to allocate resources to best support the needs of their students. We seek people who are creative, funny, humble, flexible, motivated, collaborative, and problem-solvers. We love and respect our team members. We also love silly GIFs.


As a Senior Software Developer at Allovue, you will have the important responsibility to build web applications that enable resources to be allocated equitably to K-12 students. You can contribute to our mission by:

  • Prioritizing code readability over eloquence or performance
  • Being passionate about learning
  • Exercising discipline by writing tests, creating small Pull Requests, avoiding leaky abstractions, and cleaning up after yourself
  • Making good choices on your own
  • Helping our team improve in a kind, humble, flexible way
  • Taking responsibility for delivering large changes in an efficient, effective way
  • Collaborating with team members in all parts of the company to create the best solutions possible
  • Making wise decisions about what existing tools to leverage if any


  • Generate tasks to implement approved product ideas
  • Document your pull requests as a communication tool to the team, including providing QA steps for product managers and directing other engineers toward notable changes.
  • Provide feedback to your team members on their pull requests.
  • Conduct release demos for the company upon delivery of new features to our customers.


  • Enough quality experience developing and maintaining web applications to have reached a senior level
  • Experience building and maintaining web applications that have been deployed to a production environment with multiple users
  • Maintained a production web application long enough to have suffered from your own bad decisions
  • Experience teaching and helping other engineers
  • Experience collaborating and planning with multiple types of product stakeholders
  • Experience using multiple programming languages, libraries, frameworks, and tools
  • Experience writing maintainable, automated tests
  • Experience using Git version control system
  • Experience having the primary responsibility to deliver large product features



Knowing our tech stack is not a requirement for being hired. It's certainly nice if you know some parts already, but our primary concern is that you are good at learning and adapting.


  • Elixir
  • Phoenix Web Framework
  • Phoenix Live View
  • Alpine.js
  • Tailwind CSS
  • PostgreSQL
  • Github Actions
  • Deploy to
  • AWS


  • Ruby
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Ember.js
  • Ansible


  • Experience with accounting, HR, or ERP systems
  • Experience with K-12 schools
  • Experience with our tech stack

Salary Range: $125-$140k



Allovue believes every student deserves access to the resources they need to be successful in school. Our education resource planning software empowers K-12 administrators at every level to allocate resources to best support the needs of their students. We seek people who are creative, funny, humble, flexible, motivated, collaborative, and problem-solvers. We love and respect our team members. We also love silly GIFs.



Senior Data Associates are responsible for integrating partner data with our product suite and providing analytical support to our Customer Success team and school districts. You will be responsible for the ETL process between school district financial systems and our product. You will also assist with generating analysis and reports that help our districts understand their finances and resource allocation.

You are a key connector amongst the customer and Allovue’s Product and Customer Success teams. You communicate clearly and effectively with colleagues and partners across multiple disciplines. You take pride in explaining things simply, yet thoroughly. You love the power of data, but also realize the importance of domain knowledge and context. You are passionate about the potential for data to improve resource allocation in education, and respect the difficult decisions that educators are faced with every day.

A successful relationship between Allovue and our districts starts with an efficient and friendly implementation process. You’ll build relationships with district information technology staff and district financial data system owners to understand their systems, processes, and data architecture to support integration with our products and services. Because of the customer-facing and critical nature of your role, you will work closely with our Customer Success team, which prides itself in working alongside district staff to change what is possible through our product suite.


  • Leading technical implementation and maintenance of our data connectors to district data systems
  • Building and managing relationships with district IT and Finance contacts and system owners
  • Communicating with customers and Allovue stakeholders to ensure effective alignment of timeline and deliverables related to software implementation and maintenance
  • Providing analytic and strategic support to our District Partners on the Customer Success team
  • Conducting quality assurance checks on data as well as product features prior to product launch
  • Identifying and escalating implementation risks as they arise
  • Maintaining customer information within relevant systems on a regular basis
  • Contributing to, and aiding in the development of, Allovue’s products, analyses, and visualizations

  • Strong R experience, especially within the tidyverse
  • Experience querying data in SQL
  • Experience manipulating and analyzing data, especially related to education and/or public sector finance
  • Knowledge of data architecture, data quality, data mapping, and data structures
  • A passion for effective communication of quantitative data
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills and experience working directly with external or internal customers, obtaining documentation, providing support, and interacting with IT staff and infrastructure
  • Ability to work independently and cooperatively as part of a rapidly growing team

  • Experience with dataflow/ETL orchestration tools such as Airflow or Prefect
  • Familiarity with education data -- including education finance, student achievement, and other school performance measures
  • Experience with district or state education department finance and IT systems
  • Experience conducting program evaluations and/or cost-benefit analyses
  • Experience with common Linux command line tools, especially related to working on remote servers


Salary Range: 90-100K

Business person traveling with suitcase

Perks & Benefits

Paid-time off: we believe life events (the good and the bad) should supersede work. Flexible leave policies are available to all employees. We offer 4 weeks paid time off so you are able to manage work and life the way you want. We are closed for a week-long winter medley to recharge for the new year. We also welcome new additions to your family with parental leave, including leave for adoptive and foster parents.

Professional Development: When you grow, we succeed. Our development program allows you to design your own individual growth plan with your manager which comes with an annual budget for training and resources.

Company Retreats: We gather for retreats to discuss company updates, strategize about big decisions, learn together and bond as a team. Although the pandemic moved our retreats to Zoom, we understand the value of in-person team time and will resume in-person gatherings as soon as it’s safe to do so.


          • 4 weeks paid time off
          • Inclusive parental leave policy
          • Flexible schedule
          • Professional development budget
          • Company retreats
          • Comprehensive Medical, Dental and Vision Coverage
          • Stock options
          • Annual performance bonuses 
          • 401K Plan 
          • 529 Plan Administration
          • Supplemental disability and life insurance
          • A new or recent mac laptop with a technology stipend for you to purchase the monitor and computer accessories of your choice

Our Hiring Process

We believe in a fair and transparent application and hiring process. Salary ranges are posted for every job and you’ll never be asked about prior compensation. Our hiring process is conducted remotely and takes between two to four weeks.

1. Introduction

This brief phone call gives us an opportunity to get to know you and explain the role you are applying for.

2. Initial Interview

You will have a chance to get to know team members across the company and ensure we align with mindsets and values. 

3. Performance Demonstration

You will complete a skill-based task (no more than 90 minutes) related to the role (for example, creating cold outreach emails for a sales role or teaming up on a coding task for developers). 

4. Final Interview

You will meet with the CEO, department head, and hiring manager and will have a chance to ask any remaining questions.

Headshot of Maggie Lubberts
Maggie Lubberts
Director of Product Management

"The people I work with all share a few traits: dedication and passion for our mission, responsibility and compassion for our customers’ problems, humility around failures, and an unending willingness to collaborate. We are all cut from the same cloth even though we come to the table with incredibly diverse stories."

Headshot of Brandyn Bennett
Brandyn Bennett
Senior Software Developer

"At Allovue, I have the autonomy to explore the best ways to solve problems. My manager encourages me to spend time learning which has helped me level-up my technical chops. The culture has helped me check my biases in a judgment-free zone and helped me become more radically candid."

Headshot of Cory Edmonds
Cory Edmonds
VP of District Partnerships

"Allovue is a special place. We spend every day working with districts across the country—helping them navigate some of their most challenging financial issues. Our team is made of some of the brightest and most dedicated people I have ever worked with and I am incredibly grateful to be part of it all."

Headshot of Meghan Stanton
Meghan Stanton
Account Advisor

"I’ve grown immensely both professionally and personally with Allovue. The company is full of amazing people who encourage and elevate each other to do their best work and to maintain a meaningful work-life balance."